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Launch your Dating App in a matter of days with Readymade Apps by ClickRipple. Given our platform is ready – we can go from your customizations to deployment and launch much quicker than our competitors who are usually building the app completely from scratch.
The “Ripple Date” Platform allows you to operate your own Prospect and Match based Swipe Dating App akin to the likes of Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid, and Meet Me. We have ensured to analyze the “feature gaps” across popular dating platforms and have ensured to include some features of our own as well to cover these gaps and provide an enhanced experience.

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What does our App offer

  • Login/ Signup via Direct, Social or Phone Number

    Users can Signup directly by filling out an entire form, or through existing Social IDs (Facebook/Google) and or using the Phone Number path (SMS verification).

  • User Profile

    Users can create and customize an online dating profile - adding name, age, gender descriptions, profile photos/videos and various preferences.

  • Vitals, Virtues, and Vices.

    The App allows users to specify their Vitals, Virtues and Vices based on which the finding User’s Preference based Search Filters will work

  • Link your Instagram / Select Photos

    Users can link their Instagram accounts and select which photos they would like to display from their Instagram feed.

  • Browse Prospects - Swipe and Match

    Users can swipe right or left depending whether they are interested or not in a certain profile. If 2 users swipe right on each other - its a match.

  • Rate a Date

    Optional feature that allows users to provide rating on an Online or In Person Date.

  • Preference Filters

    Users can define their preferences in the filters to then see sorted potential matches accordingly. Some key filters included setting preferences for what you are seeking in terms of gender, age, height, distance and much more.

  • In-App Chat/ Voice/ Video Call

    The “Date Ripple” platform also has a “In-App Chat/Voice/Video Call” feature where matched users can Chat/Video/Voice call each other setting up online dates without having to share vital contact information like Phone Numbers.

  • Matches

    Once both dating prospects have swiped right or indicated interest for each other - there is a match. The Matches tab essentially displays a list of the matches that you have matched with till date.

  • Date Scheduling

    This feature allows users to request and schedule dates with each other (Online or In Person). This is an optional additional to most popular date apps out there.

  • Pending Dates

    This is a tab that indicates the Date Requests which you have not accepted, rejected or scheduled.

  • Dashboard

    The Administrator’s panel and hub that keeps a track of all the necessary “Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)” including # of people signed up, user activity like # of dates booked, # of matches, # of video dates and purchase activity such . (day/wk/month/year)

  • Settings

    The Settings section allows the Administrator to define configuration rules for dynamic features that can be changed as per a different preference / configuration rule or completely enabled/disabled as a feature in the app.

  • Users Management

    An interface to view app registered users, their detailed profiles and any tracked activity/field.

  • Profile Views

    An easy way to view what Profiles are being viewed by which user and vice versa.

  • Matches

    A list of all matches made on the platform (Newest to Oldest).

  • Reported Users

    This module will give you a list of all the reported users and the alleged reason for reporting them. You may also expel or suspend the user from the platform in case they have been reported numerous times.

  • Purchases

    A complete list and record of all the in-app purchases made on the platform including Token/Coins and Subscriptions made by users

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