The OnDemand App

The App enables you to offer Multi-Service Bookings such as for Tow Trucks, Maids, Handymen, Carpenter, Plumber, Tutors, Babysitters, Painters, Accountants, Movers, Home Services much more or any service provider you want it to be to your customers matching them to the nearest service provider using Geolocation. Customers can track the Live Location of the service provider booked.



Explore Services

Explore a categorized list of on-demand services available in your area by Geolocation. The app can be tailored to offer OnDemand services for a niche or various services together.


View nearby OnDemand Services available in your area by distance, availability (now or later), pricing, ratings, etc


Enter the budget a user is willing to pay to get the service fulfilled.

View Service Bookings

Users can view the status of all there active service bookings and details of all past orders.

Payment Preferences

Users can select their preferred payment method such as Cash, Debit or Credit Card or via the in-app wallet

Live Tracking

Once an order has been accepted by the Service Provider - users can live track the Service Provider from his origin to the Service location.

Ratings & Reviews

Users can rate & review the Service Provider. Users can also view rating and review for Service Provider in question.

Service Discovery Questionnaire

On choosing certain services - the app prompts you to fill out a questionnaire to extract details of the service required. This is to ensure that the best match to service provider is found in terms of specialization.


You make the book service “on-demand” to be fulfilled immediately or Schedule for a later day and time based on your convenience.

Service Provided & Additions

Users can view the rate card of service offered and given Various Service Add-on’s are available when booking a particular primary service with their additional rates and these can also be availed by the customer.

Realtime Invoice Generation

The platform automatically generates an invoice once the Service is completed on the Service Delivery app inclusive any order edits made. Service provider may be prompted to get signature on completion from customer before invoice generation

Promo Codes / Offers

Admin Panel allows you to setup Promo Codes and offers which can be used by user’s upon Checkout to impact price.



Live Service Job Alerts

Service Providers receive live alerts on available delivery jobs with details - they can choose to Accept/Reject.

View Job Details

Job Description is generated from a questionnaire customers filled out picking detail options specific to type of job/service such as Tutor, Handyman, LawnMower, Plumber, or any service provider type etc. along with mode of payment.

In App Chat & Calls with Customer

Our Service provider app includes in-app chat and audio between service providers and customers to ensure customer service and interaction is managed within the app.

Earning & Job History

Delivery agents can view an earnings report for current shift, past shifts, and also orders undertaken overall for a specified period on the app.


Gives the admin complete visibility into the business using detailed Analytics at the Platform and Service Provider separately.

Bird’s view

View all Service Provider Booking’s layered on map in real time with live status updates.

Service Provider Management

Manage various on-demand service providers. Accept or reject their application

User Dashboard

Users can setup service experience preferences, view previous and active orders along with setting up Address and Payment details.

Commission Setup

Setup the commission structure for different Service Types, Specialization, Providers, etc.

Fare Setup

Setup and manage fares for on-demand services based on cities or service type

Zone Management

Create zones across your city or areas of delivery by drawing dividing lines on a map and set rates accordingly.


Payroll management has been enabled into the OnDemand Service App to manage cash and card earnings for service providers with direct deposit to their bank accounts.

Manage Payments

Manage Payment Processing Channels and History of Transactions that have already taken place

Manage Services

Manage various OnDemand service categories - their properties, questionnaire, rate cards, etc on the OnDemand Service App from the Admin Panel.

Manage Service Provider Profile

Service Provider can manage their own profile details including Service Type, Specializations, Preferences etc.

Promo Codes / Offers

Admin Panel allows you to setup Promo Codes and offers which can be used by user’s upon checkout.

Push Notifications

Notify customers using a multi-channel approach via SMS, Email and Push Notifications.

Clickripple The Best Agency For On Demand Apps

The On Demand Apps solutions is one of the emerging and most money-making business concepts while outperforming all sorts of conventional business models. With the help of On Demand Apps, entrepreneurs can drive customers to use advanced mobile technology and attain greater convenience to perform their regular yet crucial tasks. Apps are no longer merely for playing games, chatting, or communicating. At present, it serves as an efficient medium for growing your business as well as performing both professional & personal tasks quickly and efficiently.

Why On Demand Apps?

Think about a situation where you need On Demand Services to book a cab late at night to reach the airport? What if you are feeling quite low at home and craving your favorite chocolate ice cream? You need Demand Delivery or Grocery Delivery. These are the situations where On Demand Apps are the fastest to offer you the best service. These services greatly help people, especially urbanites, make their routine tasks simpler, thereby avoiding all sorts of complex issues of densely populated locations.

Your App Shouldn't Just be Real-Time - It Should be Competition-Proof!

An on-demand app development solution is the most comprehensive and effective platform for businesses to address their consumers’ demands. Uber was the first to join the on-demand economy. Users’ lives have been made easier by On Demand App Development, which allows them to obtain any service with the touch of a button. As a result, a large number of customers choose On Demand Service Apps since they are more flexible and allow them to obtain services of their choosing without concern to time or location. Do you intend to create On Demand Apps for your business? Then you’ve come to the right place! Clickripple is a well-known On Demand Apps development business that evaluates the client’s market, conducts a thorough analysis, and then proposes a cost-effective solution that enables them to become a top-tier service provider in their sector. We have a fantastic team of On Demand Service Apps developers who use cutting-edge techniques and technologies to create the finest On Demand Services for your industry. 

As our experts are skilled in both native & cross-platform app development, they will be able to provide you with cutting-edge on-demand solutions that take into account your business and technical objectives. Our On Demand Apps development team specializes in the creation and integration of features that transform your regular app into a top-ranked app.

Social Media integration

We understand how to tap into the second nature of all modern-day mobile app users: the fundamental urge for social interaction.

In-app payments

Our On Demand apps development services feature the empowering ability to pay within the mobile app in a secure environment.

Instant alerts

Our well-timed notification approach & rollouts are designed to boost app engagement levels.

Geo IP location

We specialize in developing the ultimate of the on-demand economy, Live Location Tracking. We engage all of your stakeholders until the service is completed.


We provide a dashboard with unique statistics for each app that our on demand app developers create so that you can stay on top of your app's performance data.

Clickripple On-Demand App Solution Features

Service Provider App
Admin Dashboard
Customer App (Android & iOS)

Industries We Serve In The On-Demand Economy

What Makes Us The Most Trusted App Development Company For Startups & Fortune 500 Organizations

At Clickripple, our team of On-demand app development services providers – Research Analysts, Designers, Developers, & Quality Assurance Analysts – collaborate to create a product that is conceived directly from the consumers’ concerns. By addressing the specific challenges that customers encounter, we provide them with a mobility solution that solves their day-to-day problems in real-time.


Clickripple’s On Demand Apps services are now the new tool for seamless business growth. They offer great opportunities to companies for personalizing customer experiences and avail the desired services easily. Furthermore, Clickripple’s On Demand Apps services can serve the basic demands of people, which, in turn, help entrepreneurs succeed in this mobile-first world.

Use Cases


On – Demand Electrician


On – Demand Plumbing


On – Demand Carpenter


On – Demand Mechanic


On – Demand Lawn Care


On – Demand Snow Removals


On – Demand Cleaning


On – Demand handyman


On – Demand Tutors


On – Demand Event Planner


On – Demand in home Salon Services


On – Demand Photographers


On – Demand Nanny / babysitter


On – Demand Painter


On – Demand maid services


On – Demand dog walkers

Award-Winning Mobile App Development Companies In Toronto

If you want to succeed in the business world, then you have to follow the trends & even anticipate them if possible. Moreover, you have to analyze the competition and improve on what they are doing. It’s always hard to gain that competitive edge on the market, but if you’re creative, dedicated, & work hard to achieve your goals, results can be very impressive.

One of the major trends right now is having a great mobile application. So it can be an excellent idea to work with Clickripple, among the best App Development Companies Toronto. So what are the advantages of custom app development?

Award-Winning Mobile App Development Companies In Toronto
It helps you generate more business.

If you work with an app development company, you get to have a mobile app that brings your services & features in front of more customers. From there to generating more leads, it will be one single step. All you have to do is to work with the right mobile app development company, create the app, publish & then promote it properly. You can obtain some incredible results this way, as people can shop on the go, which brings in more convenience & value for users.

Improving the power of your brand

People tend to remember only the brand names they use often. If you want to have a memorable brand, you need a great logo & brand message, yet you should also consider developing a mobile app too. Our app development company will help you improve your brand power by creating a meaningful & helpful app. Customers will use the app often, & they will soon get accustomed to your brand. From here to using your services often, it will be a single step.

Increasing your reach

Among the most challenging things for modern businesses is to reach more customers. By working with our mobile app development experts, you get to boost your exposure online. This will help you gain more leads and customers, which means lots of businesses in the long term.

Better communication

Great App Development Companies Toronto, like Clickripple, will help you create mobile apps that boost the way you communicate with customers. You can add chat features in the app and hence offer your customers a better customer support experience. This type of feature works well, and if used adequately, it can enhance how you connect your customers.

Creating a rewards program

The best thing about a mobile app is that you can encourage people to purchase from you a lot easier than you would in your store. Mobile apps are more personal, & that means you get to reward your customers with loyalty points, offer them discounts and let them know about sales solely via the app. It's a perfect system and one that can do wonders for you in the long term.

As you can see, working with an Award-Winning mobile app development company is very helpful and rewarding. All you have to do is to engage our experts and work with them right away. When used strategically, a mobile app can help you get more leads, customers & it will boost your business growth!

Toronto App Development

Effective internet marketing through the use of mobile apps serves as a fantastic way to generate new business with minimal competition. The development & use of mobile apps has increased significantly over the past few years, driven by the widespread growth of smartphones. There are literally thousands of mobile apps available on a wide variety of subjects.

The opportunity to perform effective digital marketing can come from either developing popular applications or incorporating popular strategies through the listing of banner ads or text-based ads. While many of these applications have a cost associated with them, several trendy applications are available at no charge to the users.

For many mobile apps, there are hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic users. This represents a significant opportunity to reach these users through banner ads posted when the application is used. In this way, you can generate strong demand for your mobile-based or web-based sites. Right app development can generate strong traffic through and ultimately build more business for affiliate products or your own products featured on your sites.

Today the use of mobile phones has become very obvious. Due to so much use, there are so many mobile companies creating high competition in the market. Today all these companies are focusing on giving upcoming great ideas for mobile application development. There are some essential things through which you can develop the perfect app in this growing segment.

First of all, if you have any great idea through which you can develop any amazing feature for mobiles, you have to research it. After that, you need to conclude how you can improve or differentiate your idea. You need to understand that the application which you are planning to create is needed in the market or not. After making sure that there will be demand for your idea, you should engage a top App Development Company like Clickripple.

If you are going to develop any mobile features for your business, you need to understand your targeted audience. It will be very helpful & beneficial for you in making decisions about technology & design. For instance, if you target a global audience, you have to create or design your application for mobile multi-lingual.

The most important thing is that if you design a feature for a platform, then it will not be applicable on all available platforms. For instance, if you have made a feature for the iPhone, it will not be applicable to Android or any other one. This is the reason you should partner with Clickripple, among the best App Development Companies Toronto.

Toronto App Development And Beyond

With millions of mobile applications in operation every day, there is a genuine expectation for how a new app should look, feel, & function. It’s fine to reinvent the wheel or create a better mousetrap, as the phrase goes, but it must ease some degree of frustration in the customer beyond what any other solution in the marketplace delivers at the time.

But, in order to keep people using it, you’ll need a long-term plan of releasing new and interesting features regularly to keep them talking about the app among friends, family, & coworkers. Having stated that the success of your app is dependent on three critical factors:

Toronto App Development And Beyond

You may have a brilliant idea that addresses a problem, but how many other people are experiencing the same issue? How much are they ready to spend to address the problem with a mobile app? Clickripple 's market research team will assist you in clearly defining your app idea in terms of a solution to a particular issue. We also provide insights into the size of the potential user base & core revenue sources such as subscription programs & alternative sources such as click-ads & selling statistical usage data.


At Clickripple, among the best App Development Companies Toronto, our designers will map out the whole app, component by component, and then offer you a visual prototype to explore the app as a prospective user would.


It has been demonstrated that deep pockets may raise exposure for an app, but this does not ensure that users would incorporate it into their everyday lives, much alone urge others to do the same. What quickly generates a huge number of users is one individual who loves your app so much that they consider it their personal mission in life to get their friends, family, & coworkers to download it on their phones.

Then those users notify their friends, family, as well as coworkers, and so on. THAT is the WOW factor! & such outcomes may be incorporated into your app product if all of the necessary research, planning, & design stages are painstakingly followed the same, tried-and-true planning and design steps.

Clickripple, among the best App Development Companies Toronto, employs these methodologies in all of our projects. We are a skilled app development company in Canada that envisions, constructs, designs, and builds unique solutions that offer unmatched performance in accordance with your business objectives.

At Clickripple, among the best App Development Companies Toronto, our experienced app development team creates mobile and web apps that are safe, robust, feature-rich, and highly scalable, enhancing user experience and exceeding your expectations. Look no further than Clickripple for a dependable technological partner for digital and mobile app development.

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