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Launch your Mobile Shop App in a matter of days with Readymade Apps by ClickRipple. Given our platform is ready – we can go from your customizations to deployment and launch much quicker than our competitors who are usually building the app completely from scratch.

This App enables you to operate a multi-vendor marketplace to the likes of Amazon, Etsy, etc and not just a singular store.

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What does our app offer

  • Product Catalogue

    Search for Product Listing from various stores on the platform (Akin to Amazon, Etsy, etc)

  • Sign up with “ ”

    Users can authenticate and sign in using 3rd Party Accounts such as Facebook or Google.

  • Integrate 3rd Party APIs, Web Hooks

    Bring Real Time Live Inventory from other sources onto your platform.

  • Shopping Cart

    Items for Purchase can be added to the cart before you checkout.

  • Wishlist

    Users can also add product into wishlists to come back later for purchase.

  • Checkout & Payment

    Item Review at Checkout to confirm and Complete Payment via Credit or Debit Card / Other Forms of Payment

  • Promo Codes / Offers

    Admin Panel allows you to setup Promo Codes and offers which can be used by user’s upon Checkout to impact price.

  • Feature Products / Collections

    View a wide list of products featured for instant Call to Action (CTA)

  • Filters / Preferences

    Shop by various filters and preferences under different categories on the platform.

  • Multi Language & Multi Currency

    Multiple languages and comes with Multi Currency Display based on Live rates using 3rd party exchanges.

  • Analytics


    Users can setup shopping preferences, view previous and active orders along with setting up Address and Payment details for one-click payment.

  • Super Admin Panel

    Super Admin Panel

    Manage the entire platform from the Super Admin Panel/Dashboard including with overriding rights for Stores, Products, Commission and various other modular settings.

  • Bird’s Eye

    Bird’s Eye

    Seller/Merchant’s can manage business profile, product + inventory, shipping.

  • User Dashboard

    User Dashboard

    Gives the admin complete visibility into the business using detailed Analytics at the Platform and Store-level’s separately.

  • Commission Setup

    Commission Setup

    Setup commission structures for different merchants or stores.

  • Shipping Setup

    Shipping Setup

    Setup Shipping rates for different locations by City/Postal Code and Country.

  • Tax Setup

    Tax Setup

    Setup Tax Rates for different cities/countries via the Admin panel.

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    Manage Product SKU and their stock, Pricing and Attributes.

  • Manage Payments

    Manage Payments

    Manage Payment Processing Channels and History of Transactions that have already taken place.

  • Manage & Track Order

    Manage & Track Order

    Monitor Status of Order every step of the way from Dispatch to being Delivered. Track orders in real time every step of the way.

  • Manage Business Profile

    Manage Business Profile

    Add Address, Contact Information and Photos for each business

  • Manage Attributes

    Manage Attributes

    Manage and setup attributes such as size,color, type, etc for different products in the store.

  • Advertisement


    Managing in-app advertising

  • Push Notifications

    Push Notifications

    Notify customers using a multi-channel approach via SMS, Email and Push Notifications.

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