The Shop App

Launch your Mobile Shop App in a matter of days with Readymade Apps by ClickRipple. Given our platform is ready – we can go from your customizations to deployment and launch much quicker than our competitors who are usually building the app completely from scratch.

This App enables you to operate a multi-vendor marketplace to the likes of Amazon, Etsy, etc and not just a singular store.


Product Catalogue

Search for Product Listing from various stores on the platform (Akin to Amazon, Etsy, etc)

Sign up with “ ”

Users can authenticate and sign in using 3rd Party Accounts such as Facebook or Google.

Integrate 3rd Party APIs, Web Hooks

Bring Real Time Live Inventory from other sources onto your platform.

Shopping Cart

Items for Purchase can be added to the cart before you checkout.


Users can also add product into wishlists to come back later for purchase.

Checkout & Payment

Item Review at Checkout to confirm and Complete Payment via Credit or Debit Card / Other Forms of Payment

Promo Codes / Offers

Admin Panel allows you to setup Promo Codes and offers which can be used by user’s upon Checkout to impact price.

Feature Products / Collections

View a wide list of products featured for instant Call to Action (CTA)

Filters / Preferences

Shop by various filters and preferences under different categories on the platform.

Multi Language & Multi Currency

Multiple languages and comes with Multi Currency Display based on Live rates using 3rd party exchanges.


Users can setup shopping preferences, view previous and active orders along with setting up Address and Payment details for one-click payment.

Super Admin Panel

Manage the entire platform from the Super Admin Panel/Dashboard including with overriding rights for Stores, Products, Commission and various other modular settings.

Bird’s Eye

Seller/Merchant’s can manage business profile, product + inventory, shipping.

User Dashboard

Gives the admin complete visibility into the business using detailed Analytics at the Platform and Store-level’s separately.

Commission Setup

Setup commission structures for different merchants or stores.

Shipping Setup

Setup Shipping rates for different locations by City/Postal Code and Country.

Tax Setup

Setup Tax Rates for different cities/countries via the Admin panel.

Inventory Management

Manage Product SKU and their stock, Pricing and Attributes.

Manage Payments

Manage Payment Processing Channels and History of Transactions that have already taken place.

Manage & Track Order

Monitor Status of Order every step of the way from Dispatch to being Delivered. Track orders in real time every step of the way.

Manage Business Profile

Add Address, Contact Information and Photos for each business

Manage Attributes

Manage and setup attributes such as size,color, type, etc for different products in the store.


Managing in-app advertising

Push Notifications

Notify customers using a multi-channel approach via SMS, Email and Push Notifications.

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