The Taxi App

Launch your Mobile App in a matter of days with Readymade Apps by ClickRipple. Given our platform is ready – we can go from your customizations to deployment and launch much quicker than our competitors who are usually building the app completely from scratch.

The TaxiApp enables you to offer Cab Bookings to your customers matching them to the nearest driver using Geolocation. Customers can track the Live Location of the driver booked. The live location can also be shared with a friend or a guardian for safety purposes.



Sign Up / Sign In

Register vital profile details to Sign up such as Name, Email, Phone Number, etc. Sign in using your email / username / social media account.

Schedule Your Ride

Instead of making a booking for instant service ; users can also schedule rides on the app based on schedule.

Rate Cards

View the rate card for each individual vehicle type before booking.

View & Update Ride Details

You can view ride details and update your drop location.

Driver Preferences

The users can select their preferences for a Male or Female driver, Quiet Ride, Extra baggage, wheelchair support, Booster Seat, Baby Seat, etc.

Live Tracking

Once a booking has been accepted by the driver - users can live track the driver on a map in real time making his/her way to the pickup point or post that even to the drop-off location.

Payment and Transaction

Manage Payment Processing Channels and History of Transactions that have already taken place.

Book a Cab Ride

The user can pick their vehicle type, driver preference, view currently estimated rate based on origin/destination entered and book a cab ride instantly. The user will be matched to a driver nearby.

Track Assigned Driver

The user can also start tracking their driver on the map along with estimated time of arrival as he/she makes their way to user’s pickup location.

Choose Passenger

Book a ride for yourself or a friend.

Payment Preferences

Multiple forms of payment including Cash, Card & Other Wallet Options to choose from.

Promo Codes / Offers

Admin Panel allows you to setup Promo Codes and offers which can be used by user’s upon Checkout to impact price.

Ratings & Reviews

Rate & Review your driver on a number of factors to ensure the maximum feedback. Users can also view driver ratings and reviews given by their peers when they make a booking.


Enter Vehicle Details

The first step on the driver app is to register Vehicle Details that will be in use during ride bookings.

Live-Booking Requests

The app comes complete with live tracking features powered by Google Maps. Drivers can conduct a standard status update of the booked trip with a single swipe.

Invoice Details

Users can view a detailed invoice of the trip undertaken on the


Drivers can also rate their passengers. The ratings can be viewed by other drivers as well.

Bank Details

Drivers can add their direct deposit bank details to receive payments for Credit Card paid rides undertaken in a defined period.


Gives the admin complete visibility into the business using detailed Analytics at the Platform and Store-level’s separately.

Driver Referrals

Manage driver referrals, referrer, commision rates and awarding them commission.

Bird’s Eye

Complete view of all active ride bookings - on demand and scheduled on the platform for the specific can be viewed by the store.

User Dashboard

Gives the admin complete visibility into the business using detailed Analytics at the Platform and Store-level’s separately.

Commission Setup

Admin can set up various app commision rates based on zone, service type, fares etc

Driver Acceptance Rate

Admin can view any registered driver’s ride booking acceptance rate.

Driver Management

Manage Cab Driver Accounts from the Admin Panel. Accept or Reject drivers that register on the TaxiApp platform after your screening.

Zone Management

Create zones across your city or areas of delivery by drawing dividing lines on a map and set rates accordingly.

Manage Payments

Manage Payment Processing Channels and History of Transactions that have already taken place.

Track Booking

Admin can view all taxi bookings in real time as they are being made and further track status of each individual booking as well.

Manage Service

Manage details of Taxi services - Carpooling, chauffeur booking services, Bike bookings, etc from the Admin Panel.

Promo Codes / Offers

Admin Panel allows you to setup Promo Codes and offers which can be used by user’s upon

Fare Setup

Mileage-based and fixed pricing based on zones or distance for delivery fares.

Push Notifications

Notify customers using a multi-channel approach via SMS, Email and Push Notifications.


Notify customers using a multi-channel approach via SMS, Email and Push Notifications.

Clickripple The Best Taxi App Development Company

We all depend on our smartphones for information, getting in touch with friends, and, of course, making and receiving phone calls, so it’s no surprise that firms are always developing apps to make our lives easier. If you want to expand your travel agency’s commercial reach, you must target all verticals efficiently. Dedicated Taxi Apps developed by Clickripple allow you to not only promote your business more effectively but also deliver better & more customized service to your customers.

Advantages Of Taxi Apps

Here are some fantastic benefits of using Taxi Apps for Drivers

Better Coordination

The Readymade Taxi App automatically connects the driver to the customer/passenger and facilitates coordination.

Maps are a Blessing

Taxi drivers benefit from maps. They can easily follow the route and get from source to destination.

Flexible Timings

Drivers can check requests and respond as quickly as possible. They can, nevertheless, log in and log out of the app as needed.

Go Cashless

As the world moves away from cash, this notion applies to everyone. The driver is not needed to carry any cash.

Expand & Automate Your Taxi Business

Do you have a startup taxi company or an established cab business? Isn’t it exhausting to keep track of all the drivers & manually compute their wages? You may be taking notes on every journey in case you forget about it later. Have you considered going digital in order to operate your business more efficiently and easily? Our professional developer will assist you with automating everything from cab reservations and payments to the total number of drivers and taxis, as well as creating reports. Willn’t that relieve you of a lot of stress? We have a team of professional taxi app developers that can create an app similar to Uber that includes specialized driver & rider applications as well as an admin interface (desktop panel). We have already developed over 50 Uber-like Taxi Apps solutions or applications similar to them.

Our Key Taxi App Features

Special Requests

What if the rider is carrying too much luggage? What if one of the passengers requires a baby seat? Riders can request unique features like these, as well as female drivers, for added safety. By including this function in your app, you can give the passengers what they want while maintaining excellent customer service.

Save Destinations

Many individuals in major cities take cabs to work instead of driving to the office every day. For users like them, we can implement a function in your Taxi Apps that allows riders to save a destination & avoid having to enter the same address repeatedly. It conserves both time and energy!

Advance Booking

With this functionality, you can easily allow riders to book a cab in advance on your Taxi Apps. This keeps them from having to rush or worry about something at the last minute. It could come in handy if your users have an early morning flight & need to get to the airport on time.

Multiple Stops

There are instances when numerous passengers board a car and wish to be dropped off at various locations along the journey. Even when one rider has tasks at several sites along the trip, they can easily accomplish this with the multiple stops function and have no problems.

ETA & Status

This function will provide the rider an expected time of arrival of the taxi to their location after booking a trip. The GPS tracking system will follow the driver's location, & the screen will also display additional information such as the car's license plate number and the driver's contact information, including their phone number.

Fare Calculator

If you incorporate this function, the passenger will be presented with the approximate cost of the route as soon as they choose a vehicle type and input their destination. This allows the user to establish a budget and ensures that they will not be overcharged for ordering a cab using your Taxi Apps.

Our Custom Taxi App Features

Preferred Drivers

If we implement this function, the riders enjoy the service of a certain driver. They can designate them as a preferred driver. By doing so, the following time a passenger makes a trip request, if that driver is nearby, they will be given priority for the journey.

Emergency Contacts

If you want it, both riders & drivers can keep a few emergency contacts in the app for their own safety. When they press the SOS button, a text message is sent to their contacts with a link to GPS monitoring of their position.

Trip Invoice Regeneration

It is possible that the invoice created automatically contains some errors due to a GPS malfunction or network issues. In such instances, we can offer functionality that allows the administrator to regenerate the right invoice manually.

Multiple Maps Option

Even though Google Maps is the most popular, other map apps exist. We provide this one-of-a-kind functionality, which allows users to choose the mapping app with which they are most familiar. This works as a trust-building aspect for your company and makes customers feel more at ease.

Choose Clickripple For The Best Taxi App Development Services

Clickripple’s Taxi Apps solutions are now the new tool for seamless business growth. They offer great opportunities to companies for personalizing customer experiences and avail the desired services easily. Moreover, Clickripple’s Taxi Apps Development services can serve the basic demands of people, which, in turn, help entrepreneurs succeed in this mobile-first world.

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